2016 Submissions

Cat Naps Dance Song

2015 Submissions

Madnap & Indigoism - Evolve (FoxyPanda Remix) Dance Song
Growing Up Dance Song
Palm2 - Food Fight (Remix) New Wave Song
Valentine Roll Dance Song
Save Cottage Video Game Song
Aquatic Ambiance (VIP) Video Game Song
Cosmic Gangsta Dance Song

2014 Submissions

The Haunted Arcade Dubstep Song

2013 Submissions

FoxyBass Dance Song
Construction Ahead [Trap] Dance Song
Mass Extinction Dubstep Song
Suck my Lazer Dance Song
Mr. Bubbles [320kbps] Dubstep Song
Terminated (Original Mix) Dubstep Song
If It Means A Lot [VIP] Dubstep Song
Come to Butthead Dubstep Song
Disgorge Dubstep Song
Static VIP Ambient Song
The Green Slime Dubstep Song
Digital Swag Dubstep Song
Lightning Kicks! (SF2) Video Game Song
If It Means A Lot(WIP) Dubstep Song
They call me Foxypanda... Dubstep Song
T-800 Series Dubstep Song
Electrical Fire House Song
The Rings of Saturn Techno Song
Time Dilation Trance Song
Lazer: H0P3 New Wave Song
Wet Electrons Dubstep Song
Electrik Pokemon Video Game Song
Dancing on the Chip Video Game Song
Electric Gypsy Techno Song
Paracusia Ambient Song
Construction Ahead Industrial Song
Amanita Muscaria Dance Song
Electric Kool-Aid Techno Song
Nocturnal Emissions Trance Song
Phaze Me Drum N Bass Loop
Industrial Drumz Industrial Song
RUN! RUN! RUN! Trance Song
Nitrogen Dubstep Song
Mini Groove Trance Loop