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Pixel Art!

2010-04-07 22:38:36 by foxypanda69

I dont know why i just became enamored with pixel art, but i have. So i continue to upload more of it. Let me know what i should improve for the next piece to come. ^_^

Nazi Zombie Pixel Art

2010-04-05 18:46:20 by foxypanda69

check it out! comment for constructive criticism :3

New Pixel Art

2010-04-05 14:37:03 by foxypanda69

i love watching the video's by FrankieSmileShow on youtube, so i thought i would "attempt" to make pixel art like he does. Although i sadly realized it is much harder than it appears. Though i figure if i practice i can get good at it.

Comment on the new pic and give me some constructive criticism :3

Constructive Criticism...

2010-03-05 08:40:21 by foxypanda69

would be most appreciated on my new art work :3

i have no idea how it will end though. hopefully it wont be horrible. im trying to also put this together along with my game which has a new upgraded engine which i programmed called KatEngine. so im hoping that both of these things come out around similar times but i cant guarantee it. ill take a screenshot or do some artwork to make this post more interesting... sorry

if you have any questions about anything just let me know and ill get back to you.

oh and Happy Valentines Day, (minus a day.)

Try The Struggle Demo Later!

2010-01-23 01:28:25 by foxypanda69

well my computer crashed last night and a lot of crucial information was lost, so now i havent the slightest clue when the game is coming out. :(

this sucks... ill begin work on it again and see how fast i can get it back to snuff

New Game Screenshot

2010-01-06 22:28:13 by foxypanda69

This is my game The StruggleĀ©
(i do have this copyrighted and have the paperwork to prove it.)
the game right now is in a beta form. The release date is January 16th. and will eventually be sold online, but until then i will post a demo of it on Game Maker website. The Game was programmed using Game Maker, and has some very interesting gameplay, addicted to a drug you must fight an alien empire. put too much of the drug in your body you overdose, dont put any and you sober and die. The image below is an example of my 3D models (vending machines) and empty shells flying from your gun, and all artwork that was done by yours truly. If you like what you see leave a comment on thoughts and opinions ^_^
(it does feature 150 degrees of vertical mouse look, and 360 degrees of horizontal mouse look. weapons become more inaccurate the less sober you are.)

New Game Screenshot

Happy New Years Newgrounds!

2010-01-03 01:00:10 by foxypanda69

its kinda late but... Happy New Years! to start off the new year, i have to say your going to see a lot more art and flash stuff from me this year. I only uploaded 2 things last year, in which my first one looks kinda like crap...

anywho, this is a new fresh year! keep on the watch for my new stuff :3

Happy New Years Newgrounds!

New Zelda Art...

2009-12-29 21:34:29 by foxypanda69

i just re-did my female link image,
if interested, take a gander and if you feel like it write a review,
im always looking for constructive criticism :3

new art work...

2009-12-28 13:48:45 by foxypanda69

if anyone is interested.