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90's Nostalgia

2011-04-08 22:09:00 by foxypanda69

So lately I have been cranking my shitty computer speakers up as loud as I can to Ace of Base Radio on Pandora. I also noticed I have been playing a lot of Marathon, Duke Nukem, and SNES emulators. My clothing style has also changed, (see image below).

Am I transforming backwards?

90's Nostalgia

New Website with Games...

2011-03-18 22:55:10 by foxypanda69

After many months of masturbation and 4 hours last Sunday, I created my portfolio site. On it I display some new artwork and I have two .exe games for download; Radial Pong and Nightmare in Ice Cream Land.

If you just got done slapping the salami and need something to do, GO CHECK IT OUT!


Picture Unrelated.

New Website with Games...

Programming a new Flash Game

2010-10-27 14:46:46 by foxypanda69

Can anyone guess what the game is about? :3

Programming a new Flash Game

Just downloaded Flixel...

2010-10-23 00:58:49 by foxypanda69

and it feels so much like C++. Anyways, i did all the hard work tonight with downloading and updating all of my junk :P so "Hello, World!" was enough for me.

Just thought I should update that a game will be made and uploaded before 2011, (probably meaning I will upload it December 31st, at 11:59pm) huk-yuk!

Just downloaded Flixel...


2010-09-16 13:05:03 by foxypanda69

well at least not yet. but as often as im on newgrounds you might think i am.
i wish i could devote more time to this glorious site but i just cant right now :'(

College sucks

2010-08-31 15:17:31 by foxypanda69

College takes me away from my animation and newgrounds... i suppose the women here dont help either :3 but im sure ill have something up and running on here in september for Madness day, or just for shits and giggles.

btw AurumOnline, im still using your music. may the rejoicing begin.


2010-08-12 16:11:44 by foxypanda69

yup. updated my profile junk. proboably will make a flash or artwork sometime soon, until then... well who am i kidding. nobody looks at my shit anyway. lol

but for those who actually care a game is in the making along with my first animation i plan to upload on newgrounds :3

New Pixel Art

2010-07-14 02:31:30 by foxypanda69

I ACTUALLY got back into making pixel art and various things of such nature. Hopefully this is the making of my return to newgrounds. Ive dropped in and out recently but havent really gotten to do any work because of all of those vacations :P

So here it is, the beginning of the end.

yeah, i decided i should just stick to pixel art from now on with and photoshop. i suck at flash :P
but in a quick attempt to change the subject: i saw kickass, and it was amazing.

got into a car accident

2010-04-17 15:47:13 by foxypanda69

and it sucks ass. the lady in front stopped to fast and i didnt have enough time to come to a complete stop. ultimately i should have been driving farther away than her but, fuck it because its too late now. everyone was ok, but my wallet is going to be hurting in the next couple months.